Thursday, 1 November 2012

Do you have Glute Amnesia?

Many of us are suffering from glute amnesia, our butts have literally fallen asleep. Just because you are doing squats, dead-lifts, or lunges does not mean your glutes are necessarily working. They should, but the body will compensate and use whatever muscle is strongest to complete the lift. Many people will only “feel” squats in their quads because they are so quad dominant, and don’t know how to use their backsides. Too much sitting and lack of movement have contributed to this imbalance. If you look at glute development around the world, you can clearly see the difference in communities where running, jumping and squatting is a daily part of their life. We all spend too much of our day sitting, often up to 10 hours a day. From our earliest years we are taught to sit in chairs, in cars, slouch on sofas, hunch over computers, and stare at TV screens. We sit at breakfast, we sit on the train on the way to work, we sit at work, we sit at lunch, and we sit all afternoon. So what is the big deal I hear you ask? When sitting down our glutes switches off and forces other, less powerful muscles to pick up the slack. This results in unnecessary tightness, strain and pain in muscles like the hamstrings and inner thigh muscles that were originally designed to assist the glutes, not take over for them. 

A number of conditions can be helped by learning to appropriately engage your glutes: lower-back pain, tight, sore hips, painful knees, and poor posture. Activated glutes also improve sports performance, make fitness activities more effective, and make everyday activities like walking more effortless and pleasurable. These days we think it's enough to walk up the stairs or take the dog for a wee, when in fact, regular movement is a fundamental part of well-being. Without movement our health will suffer. Fitness training for the glutes and the rest of your body is not just about looking good and having great muscle definition to show off at the bar on a Friday night, it is a fundamental requirement for lifelong health and vitality. Sprinting has been found to be one of the best butt activators, versus activities like squatting or picking something up. This makes sense, since an early human that had to activate these muscles to escape a tiger or lion made a wise trade off: expend more energy or become dinner for the big cat. So if you understand that your glutes are important, you should also recognise that your glutes might not be activating. For instance, when was the last time your glutes were killing you from a workout? If you can't remember, it shows you might not be activating or using them enough. 

If you would like to rediscover the functional use of your glutes sign up for our new 2-hour glute workshop on the 9th June @ 10:00 by sending us an email or call us on 07990571290. Spots are already filling up so let us know ASAP.

Kind Regards
Lea Bentzen
Date: 9th June 2013
Duration: 2 hours
Start time: 10:00
Price: £45
Location: Club 51, 51 New Cavendish Street, Marylebone, W1G 9TG, London

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