Monday, 23 May 2011

Modern life has made British children weaker in the last decade

The enclosed article "Modern life has made British children weaker in the last decade" from The Telegraph discusses how modern Britain is raising a generation of weaklings as computer games and health & safety rules are curtailing rough and tumble outdoor play. We are all guilty of being couch potatoes and spending too much time sitting in front of a screen so I hope this article will inspire you to switch off the TV and head to the park or the woods (with or without kids) to climb trees and ropes. In Scandinavia many parents send their kids to outdoor nurseries. These nurseries are held almost exclusively outdoors. Whatever the weather, children are encouraged to play, explore and learn in a forest or natural environment. Forest schools originated in Sweden in the 1950's and spread to other countries, particularly Denmark where they have become an important part of the Danish early years programme. In a typical Danish Forest School, young children from 3 years are taken into the forest for 4 hours each day of the week. They take no toys with them, but instead use only what the forest provides (and their imaginations) to develop their games. There are some pioneering outdoor nurseries in the UK including The Secret Garden in Scotland and The Urban Forest Schools in London. If you want to find out more about these schools/nurseries you can read about them on the wikipedia page Forest Kindergarten.

Have a great day and enjoy the article.

Lea Bentzen

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